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Hi, I hope this message finds you well.
We at Aquenture make educational and fun games and content that
promote cleaning the ocean, saving sharks and freeing orca out of captivity.
I would like to propose to you the following at the end, with background
info before.... 
When you have a moment, please give our 1 min film a watch, with synopsis below:
The story is that you are a killer whale who wakes up lost and alone,
you meet Ollo the octopus 🐙 and together go on adventures meeting
other animals who tell their tales 🦈 eventually discovering that you
are a ghost of an orca captured by humans 👻 but find out that
you can go back in time and into different dimensions through portals,
if you collect enough plastic!
Our 3 free to play games:

As well as our story game on our homesite,
please visit from a pc not mobile to play the games:

We free orca in 2 ways. Providing eco touristic trips so you can see them in THEIR
natural environment, preventing their capture into aquatic parks and ending
the market for their cruel captivity.
Cruel how? Kiska was captured at three years old in 1979, separated from
her family and is to this day held captive in her tank, 40+ years later.
She has outlived all 5 of her calves who died. Kiska, Hugo, Lolita, Tillikum,
there are many more stories, that we need to put an end to.
By being an orca and changing how orca are perceived, we are again ending this.
We end shark-finning by also changing the perception of sharks. We draw attention
to what is happening to them and in our story the mother shark loses her baby shark,
providing a stark contrast to the character portrayed in JAWs and using the games
we do the story-telling in an interactive and fun way. We influence our audience to
be more wary and thoughtful of their plastic usage and pollution in a way they
enjoy and love.
We have these facemasks derived from our shark characters 🦈 which you can play as in the games.

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As well as facemasks we have T-Shirts and backpacks and more.
These are our products (but we have more! And trips too!).